Programming with Azure Databricks

Oct 2022
Oct 2022
19 October, 2022 to 20 October, 2022
09:00 to 17:00
2 days
Brussels element61 office
1.250 €

As a Data professional you want to learn to write and use Spark, its best-practices and which features are specific to Databricks. In this Spark Programming courses you'll learn to work with Spark fluently.

Course objective

Across the basic and advanced course you'll learn how to read data, visualize data, apply a variety of transformations and actions. You will explore the Spark UI and how query optimization, partitioning, and caching affect performance. With this course you'll learn how to use Spark and Databricks for your data loads.


We offer this Spark Programming with Databricks in two phases:

  • A basic training day covering all Spark basics for those not yet known to Spark.
    In this day we'll cover Spark core functioning, the concept of dataframes, lazy-execution, Dataframes APIs (SQL & Python), Spark SQL concepts, basic & complex types, reading & writing data and aggregations.
  • An advanced training day going further in-depth:
    We'll cover user-defined functions, partitions, shuffles & caching, query optimization and use of Delta 


  • You are a developer (Data Analyst, Engineer or Data Scientist) interested in the cloud for data & analytic workloads
  • You are planning to use Spark and/or Databricks (on AWS or Azure)
  • You are familiar with the concepts of programming (e.g. Python basics) and SQL.


  • € 675 per day
  • € 1350 for both days (basic + advanced training) 

Interested to know more?

For more information, please reach out and we can give you more details & practicals.

The full element61 Training schedule (incl. when which training runs) can be found here.

Apache Spark Programming with Databricks

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