Laurence Sarens

jusqu'à maintenant

HR & Recruitment Officer

Laurence obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources for Business in 2023.

Within this study, she developed a great passion for the on- & off-boarding process of employees. She was also bitten by recruitment & selection, learning & development, and well-being.

Over the years, she worked hands-on around these topics. Among other things, she had the opportunity to do a consulting assignment around feedback culture. She was able to delve into this topic and come up with a qualitative solution for a company that did not have an optimal feedback culture.

Laurence studied and lived in Valencia for five months by going on a study abroad program there. At UCV, she was able to improve her English and Spanish language skills.

In her final year, Laurence did two internships, where she learned the concepts of headhunting and soft HR. These two experiences gave her valuable insights as she discovered that she wanted to expand her knowledge and professional experiences in these areas.

Laurence joined element61 in September 2023.