Julie Vanackere

jusqu'à maintenant

Analytics Analyst

Julie Vanackere obtained a Master in Business Engineering with a specialization in Data Analytics at the end of June 2019. During her former studies, she gained great interest in Data Science, but also in the field of Engineering. The latter was only partially fulfilled and the desire to learn more about optimization remained.

She was able to enjoy 6 months abroad in Berlin where she tried to perfect her German and foster long-life friendships. During this time, she had the opportunity to study at TU Berlin which contributed to her technical skills.

At the end of 2019, her interest in engineering and optimization grew and she decided to pursue a Master in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Besides her studies, she joined the Everest Analytics team, a student organization that focuses on non-profit data projects. As such, she gained some hands-on experience and was already able to work together with element61 on several projects. She was also given the chance to collaborate with Toqua, a maritime start-up where she discovered her interest in the shipping industry.

Julie started working at element61 in September 2022.