Moore Belgium

Founded in 1967 and built by the brothers Marcel and French Verschelden, Moore Stephens Belgium today is still a Flemish family business with both family shareholders and more than 30 active associates. After splitting the company in 1990 into two branches (Auditing and Accounting) and the incorporation of "Verschelden Audit" to the Moore Stephens network, both entities merged again in 2008. The organization grew out of " Verschelden Accountancy", after "Moore Stephens Verschelden" to "Moore Stephens Belgium". Beyond ensuring organic growth, Frans and his nephews Peter and Bart Verschelden (sons of Marcel) invested during the years 2008 to 2012 also strongly in non-organic growth. They did this through various mergers and acquisitions in the areas of Accounting, Auditing and Tax & Legal advice. Together with the local growth also came international expansion: in 2012 Andries Verschelden, son of Frans, started up the office in China.

After the expansion of 2008-2012 within the classical finance business, organic growth continued, but the company decided to expand its range of services for customers. Partly thanks to the integration of Winx (Corporate Finance, 2013), X-STRA (advice on strategy and operational excellence, 2013), CFObelux (CFO Services, 2014) and element61 (Business Analytics, 2016) Moore Stephens Belgium can offer today its customers a very wide range of services. With seven business units with cross-over services, Moore Stephens Belgium continues to strengthen its position in the market for sustainable, innovative and long-term scenarios for its customers.