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Microsoft BI Audit & Best practices

Every solution is different and has its own specific behavior, especially when tuning and performance is concerned. Microsoft is not different in this regard,
the technology
has its advantages and disadvantages. But what to do, after you have selected the Microsoft BI and SQL Server platform
and it isn't performing as it should be ? Next to performance, also lack of user-acceptance might be a reason to re-examine your project, technology choice
and environment.

Don't start blaming the technology, but rather have a look at the implementation of it. A best of breed tool can be implemented wrongly and thus not giving the wanted satisfaction in terms of performance or usability. Your reflex should be to investigate if the implementation was done according to best practices
both on a technical as on the BI modeling level and whether sufficient time and means were freed up to bring the user community up to speed.

element61 can help you with
such an audit and/or
investigation of performance tuning issues. We can review your complete business intelligence environment starting at the
end-user and working down to the lowest technical implementation level of all components like the database, data models, queries and indexing.

When doing an audit of the environment, element61 checks all components for compliance with industry standards and best practices.
Audits are performed
based on
part of
element61 own elementary methodology, result of our years of experience in business intelligence and the Microsoft BI & SQL Server platform.

After completing the audit the customer is provided with detailed information on the audit results and suggested ways forward. Which components have been checked, how they were checked and what our findings are. Recommendations and their expected improvements
are provided, explaining how we would address
the issues that were found during the audit. Finally, element61 can also be your partner in implementing the suggested

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