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IBM Information Server Technology

IBM Information Server is a key component of the IBM InfoSphere software offering. Information Server contains the IBM software suite for data integration and data quality. As such, well-known and established products such as DataStage, QualityStage, Information Analyzer, Business Glossary, Metadata Server and Fasttrack are part of this suite.

These tools are ranked by Gartner among the top tools in their field, either ETL and/or data quality software.

It is prerequisite for any Performance Management architecture to have a robust data (warehouse) layer underneath to support all of the reporting, analysis, scorecarding, planning and data mining applications. The Information Server suite is an excellent tool with many features to support this.

- DataStage is one of the leading ETL softwares, with excellent processing power in its Enterprise Edition and many pre-defined ready-to-use data transformations;

- QualityStage is a data cleansing tool that is fully integrated with the ETL software and can therefore benefit of the advanced transformation capabilities;

- Information Analyzer is the data profiling component that uses the ETL engine and shares data quality metadata with all of the other tools;

- Business Glossary provides the necessary link between the technical metadata (database, ETL) and the business concepts. The business metadata is fully integrated with their technical counterparts;

- Metadata Server is the layer that ties all of the above together. Furthermore, Metadata Server will also hold all Cognos metadata, making it a crucial single metadata repository in the Performance Management architecture.

element61 has significant expertise in each of these tools and is a strong partner for the IBM Software group in many projects where the Information Server tools are deployed. element61 can therefore offer expert advice for addressing key problem areas and/or be a very efficient implementation partner for an Information Server architecture. We have certified consultants who can offer best practices in the Information Server software and who have extensive experience in combining all the different modules in an optimal way. Furthermore, in the IBM competence center we can help customers understanding, implementing and optimally leveraging the increasing integration between the Information Server suite and the Cognos BI toolset.