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The new face of IBM's legendary TM1 planning and analysis platform IBM Planning Analytics, also known as TM1 10.3, integrates business planning, performance measurement, and operational data to enable companies to optimize business effectiveness and...
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Pieter-Jan Beckers
Over the years Power BI evolved a lot and with this originated several ways of working with it. There are different license models, free and paying. Next to a desktop version there is also a cloud version and recently Microsoft released an on-...
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Davy Knuysen
There are many different Business Intelligence solutions on the market. Many organisations struggle in selecting their optimal solution and – more importantly – fitting this in the right architecture. Many concerns are raised such as...
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Cédric Lupo
Introduction The IBM definition of Planning Analytics for Excel (shortly called PAX) is: IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel is a Microsoft Excel-based add-in that professional report authors use to build reports using data sources from IBM...
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Barry Jansen
Grasp the opportunity to add flexible and powerful reporting functionality to your consolidation system and leverage its use in the context of planning, budgeting and forecasting With this insight, we target to describe the additional functionality...
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Tom Pauwels
Introduction With markets focussing on international development, business environments are changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. Mergers and acquisitions occur every day and companies seek funds to finance the expansion and ensure...
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Frank Lehouck
Creating a Dashboard is not always an easy thing. It requires a lot of collaboration between the consultant, end-users, management and the IT department. As element61, our goal is to deliver quality which means delivering correct data that the end...
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Cédric Lupo
Mobile business intelligence has been part of everyone’s business intelligence roadmaps for quite some time now. However, until recently, Microsoft didn’t have a solid offering in its SQL Server BI stack that could tackle the specific needs of...
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Koen Verbeeck
With the emergence of digitization and IoT, it becomes crucial for some companies to enable faster decision making through faster data insights. Gone are the days when everyone can wait for hours or days to look at insights and performance...
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Bart Van Der Vurst
Today SAP Lumira is a powerful data visualization, dashboarding and analysis tool that can be used on top of SAP HANA, SAP BW and a multitude of other data sources. Business users can visualize their KPIs and prepare impressive business analytics...
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Sergei Peleshuk