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Spreadsheet: Friend or Foe of today's Business Planning Process?

afbeelding van Stijn Vermeulen


Spreadsheets are everywhere. They enable us to quickly perform analysis that would otherwise be difficult or time consuming to prepare. We all use them because we love the flexibility that comes with them and the undue trust we trend to place in the integrity of the analysis that we prepare. Even to drive strategic decision and to deliver operational and financial plans and analyses, most organizations rely heavily on the spreadsheet.

The birth of Performance Management - 2007 : Consolidation of an entire industry

afbeelding van Stijn Vermeulen
2007 has been quite an amazing year for the market of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. More than 15 billion $ was spent in Mergers & Acquisitions, mainly by the software industry giants SAP, Oracle & IBM, to acquire the crown jewels of the BI & CPM market. Rarely a complete industry consolidated that quickly, but then again … the stakes are high.
In this "Insight", we reflect on the sequence of events & the drivers for the consolidation.

The role of the data warehouse in a Planning & Budgeting solution

afbeelding van Toon Puissant


As solutions for Planning & Budgeting further merge with solutions for "classical” Business Intelligence, Performance Management professionals increasingly need to reflect on an information technology architecture that delivers on the promise of integration of both historical & future data.

First, we will look into the most common reasons for deploying Planning & Budgeting solutions. Secondly, we will address the optimal architecture in which to fit these systems and what crucial role the data warehouse needs to play.

02 May 2007 Wednesday
element61, the thought-leading Performance Management consulting company today announced the name of a 3rd co-founding partner, Toon Puissant. Toon Puissant (37) is an experienced Project and Delivery Manager with 10 years+ of experience in Business...


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