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17 Sep 2009 Thursday
During a gala-event on September 16th 2009 in Brussels, the Echo Group was awarded the Benelux BeyeNETWORK Vision Award for Business Impact in the category "Performance Management”. The awards and competition are an initiative of BI Community...
24 Apr 2009 Friday
Het twee jaar geleden opgerichte element61 neemt VRS Consulting uit Heverlee over. Het haalt hiermee SAP-expertise in huis. VRS Consulting telt 8 medewerkers en was vooral actief als toeleverancier bij SAP-projecten. element61 uit Zaventem,...
23 Apr 2009 Thursday
Element61, the thought-leading Performance Management consulting company, today announced its intent to acquire privately held VRS Consulting, the Business Intelligence Innovator.

The Economic Downturn: why Performance Management is Key to come out stronger

afbeelding van Toon Puissant


There is no escaping the harsh reality of the current economic climate. The crisis in the financial industry has lead to a worldwide recession or even depression and most macro-economists seem to agree that this will not end until 2010 at the earliest. Furthermore, the effects of this crisis will be felt for many years to come. While some sectors may be impacted more than others, it is clear that few industries or companies will escape its effects.

BI Projects or BICC : Building the Dream Team

afbeelding van Christophe Cabrera


A Business Intelligence initiative may fail for many reasons: wrong technology, lack of sponsorship, poor data quality but one of the main reasons remains an incorrect project team. Too often the technology is seen as the unique challenge of the project and the human resources side is neglected while this is at least as important as the technical part.
20 Jan 2009 Tuesday
De Lijn, de maatschappij die bus- en tramverkeer in Vlaanderen regelt, is een decentrale organisatie, met een centraal kantoor in Mechelen en vijf regionale operationele entiteiten, elk met de nodige autonomie. Die autonomie zorgde voor operationele...

Data quality screening : an inside-out approach to improving data quality

afbeelding van Werner Engelen


Data quality is an often underestimated topic within data warehouse & business intelligence solutions.
Most companies are content in their belief that their data is good enough, although they have no factual basis for that belief. It takes facts to change their minds into a more correct awareness: ‘I had no idea the problem was that large'.

An undertaking of improving data quality or getting insight into the data quality provided, should answer amongst other the following questions;

17 Nov 2008 Monday
Een lijn in alle budgetten.


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