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24 Nov 2016 Thursday
Op donderdag 24 november 2016 organiseert element61 zijn jaarlijkse SAP Business Analytics & Performance Management evenement, met een focus op het realiseren van de optimale Business Intelligence, Performance Management en data warehouse...

end-to-end Microsoft BI for delivering customer insights


The BI program at Isabel consist of a number of main project iterations. The first two increments concerned mainly the actual platform usage & the expected product usage by customers, next to delivering a detailed insight on the customers of Isabel in terms of various segmentations based on a complexity of business rules within a challenging context. For obvious reasons the BI program and corresponding roadmap is reviewed and thereby re-defined on a frequent basis. Other important information domains and projects delivered are: product integration, a corporate objectives dashboard, an integrated churn & value based model, service calls, various Zoomit related domains and several divisional dashboards. At the same time a BICC was defined and set up.

iMinds Business Analytics Solution


element61 has been involved -following a BA roadmap- in assisting iMinds with building a data warehouse (based on timeXtender/SQL Server 2012) -and delivering associated Performance Dashboards- that brings together the different business domains including CRM, Finance, Project Monitoring, Human Resources and Publications.

BI Phase I - Finance


Na een Business Intelligence & Performance Management roadmap, besloot Essers in een eerste fase een data warehouse uit te bouwen bovenop de financiële data van IBS ASWFIN (op AS/400 - iSeries).

Business Analytics in Human Resources Health Services


Mensura have based their BI architecture on the MS BI platform, including the available 3rd party extensions and improvements Targit and TimeXtender. TimeXtender is used as a data warehouse automation tool to speed up the ETL development process, whereas Targit is implemented as a user-friendly front-end – an alternative to MS Excel - on top of MS Analysis Server cubes. Mensura have selected element61 as the partner of choice for support them in all of these technologies.

Integratie van SAP BPC data met het Corporate Data Warehouse


Na het budgetterings- en het consolidatieproject bij bpost, moest de SAP BPC data terug naar het corporate data warehouse zodat het kon geanalyseerd worden tegen de werkelijke gegevens door een grote gebruikersgroep. De gebruikte technologie was Microsoft stored procedure scripting om de gegevens op te halen uit de kubussen en naar het Microsoft datawarehouse te sturen. Via BusinessObjects Webi, kunnen de gebruikers nu de data op een efficiëntere manier analyseren.


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