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26 Feb 2015 Thursday
Op 26 februari 2015 organiseert element61 zijn jaarlijkse Microsoft Business Analytics Day, gericht op het leveren van inzichten in management informatie met behulp van de Microsoft Business Analytics portfolio.

Automate your ETL testing and deliver quicker and better results

afbeelding van Davy Knuysen

Testing ETL projects - used for Extracting data, Transforming it according to reporting requirements and Loading it into the data warehouse - is very complex because of many reasons. Typically huge amounts of data are handled and data comes often from multiple sources that need to be combined. Sometimes, the data is loaded incrementally, sometimes it needs to be reloaded in full. These ETL-flows can also apply all kinds of complex calculations and transformations on the data.

27 Nov 2014 Thursday
Op 27 november 2014 organiseert element61 zijn jaarlijkse SAP Business Analytics & Performance Management evenement, met een focus op het opleveren van betere, meer accurate en dynamische Budgetten, Forecasts en Financiële en Business...
30 Sep 2014 Tuesday
Over the last years, SQL Server Days has become a household name in the European SQL Server Community. For the 7th successive year the Belgian SQL Server User Group (SQLUG.BE vzw) and Microsoft are teaming up to organize the Belgian SQL SERVER DAYS...


SAP HANA DB, also referred to as SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance, is the new in-memory database platform from SAP.


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