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Implementatie van een BI-Saas oplossing voor productie rapportering & analyse


Reynders Etiketten was op zoek naar een professionele BI oplossing als alternatief voor hun bestaande Excel rapportering. element61 heeft voor Reynders een Microsoft SQL Server gebaseerde oplossing gebouwd, in een Software-as-a-Service ("Cloud") architectuur. De scope van het project bestond erin om een rapporterings- en analyseomgeving te bouwen met focus op de productiedata van de drukpersen.

From batch to real-time reporting and analytics

afbeelding van Bart Van Der Vurst

With the emergence of digitization and IoT, it becomes crucial for some companies to enable faster decision making through faster data insights. Gone are the days when everyone can wait for hours or days to look at insights and performance dashboards.

In this insight, we have proven that providing these real-time insights means a change in system architecture for many business intelligence teams. In our expert opinion, we concluded that a best-practice real-time architecture consists of two main building blocks: a receiving end-point to receive the data streams and a real-time analytics layer to transform the data.

We conclude that getting started with real-time analytics isn't complex: all leading vendors as well as open-source providers offer a serious of proven solutions and as solutions are offered through the cloud, they start with no investments needed (pay-as-you-go basis).

R language

R, also called GNU S, is an open-source language and environment designed for statistical computing and graphics. Although it's been existing for 20 years, R remains the most popular statistical programming language used today. R is both a language as well as an environment. To access both, one needs the environment installed on its computer or server. 

Data Lake

A data lake is an important element of the buzzwords related to Big Data and Advanced Analytics. A data lake is a storage repository in which we hold raw data in its native format; this can be structured (e.g. entire source data-tables), semi-structured, and unstructured (e.g., photos, tweets) data. 


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