Course: Microsoft Power BI update sessions

With monthly Power BI updates and a busy job, it can be a challenge to keep up with new Power BI features and still benefit from using them as soon as they become available.

element61 comes to the rescue with 2 courses that can be followed individually or combined and each time bundle all the relevant updates of Power BI during the past months.

Course description

Do you want to stay up to date on the new features of Power BI ?
Are you overwhelmed and consequently not well informed ?

As Microsoft is releasing updates for Power BI on a monthly basis, we're organizing update sessions. 

Come and join our bi-annual Power BI Update Session focusing on:

  • Usability
  • General Changes
  • Visualization
  • Theme options
  • DAX
  • Data Connectors

Learning outcomes

Our update sessions will guide you through the latest features of Power BI and give you the ability to get some hands-on experience with these new features during a guided demo.

Target audience

These training sessions are intended for business professionals that are familiar with Power BI but didn’t have the time every month to get familiar with all new features. Typical audience can be data architects, data modelers, business analysts, business intelligence designers, project managers, DW/BI developers.

Price Information
We are organizing 2 Power BI Update sessions per year.

Price per session is 675 €

If you subscribe to both sessions a year, before May 1st, a 25% discount is offered. Both sessions together thus only cost 1.100 €.

The first Update Session (23/05/2023) will cover the last year of updates. The second Session (05/12/2023) will cover the following months.

The training fee includes electronic course handout.
Michael Schwaenen
Michael graduated as a Bachelor in Information Management & Security (IMS) at Thomas More in June 2019. As field of specialization he choose Business Intelligence, as he believes that BI is the bridge between data and successful management of a company.
As this session is not a “Getting started with Power BI”, (first) experience with Power BI is required for making the session usefull.  
Having the latest version installed will give you also the ability to have some guided hands-on to get familiar with the latest features.
The sessions are organized as a classroom training with slides, demos, knowledge transfer and hands-on exercises.
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