Webinar: S/4HANA Group Reporting: Deep Dive Demo

'Non-financials´ think that consolidation is the same as aggregation of financial data. Group Finance staff know that it is much more than that and that DWH solutions don´t understand DR/CR or journal postings, can´t eliminate and have no ideas about consolidation methods and legal requirements.

In this second webinar (of a series of 6) we will present and demonstrate the unique consolidation functionality, available ´Out of the Box´ in S/4 HANA Group Reporting. We will demonstrate how the Business Content can be deployed to give you the flexibility to run your financial consolidation. We will demonstrate the following steps and the configuration of:

  • Data loading and data validation
  • Posting of Group adjustments/journals
  • Foreign currency translation and Intercompany reconciliation
  • Consolidation of investments (rules-based approach) and Matrix consolidation
  • Generation of full Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Report using multiple hierarchies and versions


1.Introduction and welcome
2.What is Financial Consolidation?
3.Demo of the solution



Webinar: S/4HANA Group Reporting: Deep Dive Demo

Jeff Persico - Competence Lead Consolidation - element61

Webinar: S/4HANA Group Reporting: Deep Dive Demo

Bjorn Van Damme - Partner Performance Management - element61


Join this 30 minutes webinar on the latest Financial Consolidation solution from SAP: SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting. The previous webinars are also available for you to review.



15 juni, 2021


Virtual event. Make sure you register to receive the URL