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You want to expand your knowledge of SAP BPC and the EPM reporting wizard to create intelligent data entry screens, in-depth analysis reports and efficient dashboards. You have basic knowledge of SAP BPC but want to know more on Business Process Flows, web reporting or even script logic development. Or you want to train that new colleague who just arrived in your department.

Continuous knowledge development is a key element in our internal day to day way of working. As we train our consultants on new product developments as well as on best practices that we develop in-house, we want that our customers also benefit from our knowledge. Bringing our customers to that next level of knowledge is an important mission statement at element61.

element61 Academy offering for SAP BPC

element61 Academy offers a wide range of SAP BPC knowledge sharing. All standard or customized trainings are taught by consultants that are amongst the experts in the local market.

On-site Training

element61 Academy offers standard and customized trainings organized by our expert consultants on SAP BPC for all platforms (Microsoft and NetWeaver). Next to the functional training sessions, we also provide technical courses where we learn the internal IT department on how to use SAP BW for SAP BPC or how to maintain SAP BPC in a Microsoft environment.

The current standard BPC functional on-site element61 Academy offerings are:

Training Course


On-Site SAP BPC EPM Reporting (3 days)

1,900 Euro

On-Site SAP Analysis for Office (2 - 3 Days)

On demand

On-Site SAP BPC NW 10.1 Administration (4 days)

2,500 Euro

On-Site SAP BPC 11 Administration

On demand

On-Site SAP BPC Consolidation (3 days)

On demand

The current standard BPC technical on-site element61 Academy offerings are:

Training Course


On-Site SAP BPC technical training for BW

On demand

On-Site SAP BPC technical training for Microsoft

On demand

On-Site SAP BPC Script Logic Training

On demand


In case you can’t afford to stay away from the office floor or if you want a self-paced and location-independent training, you can opt for our e-Learning alternatives. These courses allow you to follow training during one month at your own pace. It is independent of location and platform, as during the e-Learning exercises there is no need to have a BPC system. All the exercises are presented inside the interactive e-Learning platform.

The current e-Learning trainings for the SAP BPC platform are:

Training Course


e-learning SAP BPC EPM Reporting

1,250 Euro

e-learning SAP Analysis for Office

1,250 Euro

e-learning SAP BPC Administration

1,450 Euro

Classroom Training

2 times a year, element61 organizes classroom trainings. These Instructor led training classroom courses are highly beneficial for the participants as you receive both a professional training and the opportunity to connect and interact with peers about ongoing or future SAP BPC projects.

For 2018, the following classroom trainings are scheduled:

Training Course



SAP BPC EPM Reporting (3 days)


1,950 Euro

SAP BPC Administration (4 days)


2,550 Euro

SAP BPC Consolidation (3 days)


On demand

SAP BPC technical training for BW


On demand

* Prices listed are always per participant.
* On-site trainings always require a minimum of 3 participants.
* Classroom trainings require a minimum of 5 participants. Cancelled trainings are communicated two weeks upfront and fully refunded. Classroom trainings include free parking, lunch and refreshments for each participant.

For more information, contact Bjorn Van Damme ( or Frederic de Schutter (