Out-of-the-Box BI on Navision / Business Central

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Out-of-the-Box BI on Navision / Business Central

Today, business leaders identify your company's data and analytical capabilities as one of the most important assets to survive in an increasingly competitive world. The right information at the right time is key in making decisions, from strategic to operational level.

Often companies have a tough time to get these right insights after a Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC ERP implementation.

There is even a burden to get your core figures right ! As a consequence, people lose confidence in spreadsheet-based reporting, hesitate to act on data and are disappointed with the investment made in the ERP system. Finally, your company risks ending-up in what we could call a disconnected report culture of manually produced Excel spreadsheets.

Is your company also struggling in making such informed decisions based on your data, despite investments made in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC ? Time to act!

Out-of-the-Box BI on Navision / Business CentralAt element61, we have the DNA to understand your aspirations and challenges regarding business analytics. Putting together our know-how and experience in deploying Business Intelligence at numerous Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC customers, we developed NAV / BC "BI-in-a-Box. NAV "BI-in-a-Box" is a pre-packaged Business Intelligence solution -based on Navision / Business Central as a source- covering all your most important figures, analysis, dashboards and reports !

Insights at a glance

NAV / BC "BI-in-a-Box provides dozens of viewpoints on your business data.

  • Sales analytics
    Get instant answers on questions like: Which top 10% customers are key to my success in terms of contribution? What is their back-order rate?
    Which product categories have a major increase in turnover?
  • From a Financial perspective :
    Is my working capital where I expect it is? In my stock, creditors? Debtors? Which cost centers will exceed their budget? Which costs are involved on a consolidated or company level?
  • A Supply Chain and Purchase manager could find out:
    What are my slow moving products, what was their production or purchase history? What is the price evolution of my raw materials?
    Is this trend vendor-independent or not?

The possibilities are end-less. You will experience that the answer on one question triggers other questions, until you have a profound understanding of all your business data!

NAV / BC "BI-in-a-Box Benefits

  • Pre-packaged solution
    Covering the domains of Sales, Purchase, Finance, Inventory and Production, for all NAV / BC versions (even different source versions can be combined)
  • Agile
    Achieve insights on day one, and enjoy fast improvement cycles
  • No burden on IT
    IT keeps control of the back-end, while your company enjoys both corporate and self-service BI
  • Reduced risk
    Open for customization, scalable and stable due to proven technology and best practices
  • Access
    Insights made accessible through PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Version neutrality
    The solution can access and combine data from different NAV / BC source system versions and can deliver the Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 or 2016
  • BI for all users
    Data becomes available in cubes (Analysis Services), for reporting (Reporting Services) and for Self-service and Mobile BI (PowerBI).

NAV / BC "BI-in-a-Box is a jumpstart to get Business Analytics on top of your Microsoft Dynamics Navision / Business Central implementation.

Contact Us right now for more information on our "out-of-the-box Business Intelligence" for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC customers or download the fact sheet.