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21 Sep 2010 Tuesday
Please find below an invitation for our Meet IBM event on September 21 in Leuven on which the Information Management brand has 8 presentations that day in all four segments: - Trusted Content Analytics (Enetrprise Content Management), - Smart...
09 Mar 2010 Tuesday
For quite a while, large enterprises now make use of Business Intelligence, solutions which enable them to get a better view on the management information and performance of the company.

Project Management in a BI/DW/PM environment

Portrait de Christophe Cabrera


Business Intelligence and data warehouse projects are often seen as costly and never ending on time or even worst as costly projects that never deliver any benefits. As with any ICT related project, this can be true in some cases but quite often the root cause is incorrect or lack of project management during those projects.

Information requirements gathering

Portrait de Werner Engelen


As in any project, also in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects, a time exists for discovery of what is wanted and/or needed followed by a time for building what results from the requirements. In typical project management best practices, this discovery process is done through a phase called "requirements analysis”. Normally requirements analysis is a part of the "Analyze” project phase as depicted in the element61 project methodology elementary™ underneath.
17 Sep 2009 Thursday
During a gala-event on September 16th 2009 in Brussels, the Echo Group was awarded the Benelux BeyeNETWORK Vision Award for Business Impact in the category "Performance Management”. The awards and competition are an initiative of BI Community...

Multi-dimensional modeling in SAP BW: art or science?

Portrait de Thierry Helderweirt

Fast and reliable access to your information is one of the key success factors for any Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing application. Within the technological architecture of SAP BW the multi-dimensional model of InfoCubes has a tremendous impact on performance. A good dimension design optimizes performance in three ways:

23 Apr 2009 Thursday
Element61, the thought-leading Performance Management consulting company, today announced its intent to acquire privately held VRS Consulting, the Business Intelligence Innovator.


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