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SAP BW analysis authorisation

This authorisation concept is specifically designed for SAP BW.  It uses authorization objects created via transaction RSECADMIN to control access to characteristics that are authorization relevant. Those objects can be assigned via roles to users or directly to user id’s. Typically this authorisation is set up along organizational data to control visibility of data.

SAP BW Business Content

delivers a set of standard SAP BW objects and even full data flows including
queries, workbooks, roles … which can be installed from the Business Content.

can use these objects in their custom data flows, or use them as a starting
point for their project.

SAP BW InfoCube

BW InfoCube is the star-scheme modelled InfoProvider optimized for multidimensional

It is based on an ‘extended’ star scheme that models the Master Data
outside the dimension tables. The InfoCube allows 16 dimensions (containing
multiple InfoObjects) and multiple key figures.

SAP BW Statistics

Statistics are Business Content objects available to analyse the BW performance and usage statistics. The content includes full data flows to track the necessary data to report these statistics.

SQL Query

A query is a question to a database, translated in a SQL-language which results in a particular data set being returned.

SAP BW variable

variable is a parameter that is used in various prompts (BEx selection screen,
DTP selection screen, InfoPackage selection screen) to filter data; which can
be filled by means of user entry or user exit.

Common usage is in the BEx

SAP BW query monitor

query monitor in BW can be accessed via transaction RSRT and is there to test
and monitor queries in the SAP GUI.

Queries can be debugged, cache settings can be changed, SQL trace can be
displayed, etc…


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