DW - Data Warehousing & Modeling

Pivot table

Pivot tables enable you to look at data from several dimensions. Such capability is provided in numerous decision support applications under various function names. For example, in a spreadsheet or database, a pivot table provides these views and enables quick switching between them.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is a set of tools and processes that aim to deliver a single clean and consistent view of each master data entity (product, customer, employee, financial accounts, etc.) that exists within the organization


Levels are an implementation of the hierarchies that represent the level of detail viewed in a dimension. As an example, for a time dimension hierarchy, we have levels for year, quarter, and month.

End user layer

The End user layer is the user interface on top of the multidimensional structures designed for data access tools. Here, the technical layer (databases & relations) is transformed into a business layer, understandable for the end-user.


A spreadmart (spreadsheet data mart) is a situation in which a company's employees have inconsistent views of corporate data because each department relies on the data from their own spreadsheets.


SAP HANA is an in-memory database platform for processing high volumes of operational and transactional data in real-time.


A view is the way of depicting information in a database. Some options of viewing your data are to arrange your data items in a specific order, re-label, hide or to pre-aggregate certain fields.


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