DW - Data Warehousing & Modeling

Data Mapping

Data mapping is a process of defining a link between two distinct data models. It is used in software engineering to describe ideal ways to represent and access any form of information. It is used in data warehousing by linking source data models to target data models and additional for describing any transformations between these two models.

Change data capture (CDC)

Change data capture (CDC) is the process of capturing changes made at the data source and applying them throughout the enterprise. CDC minimizes the resources required for ETL (extract, transform, load) processes because it only deals with data changes. The goal of CDC is to ensure data synchronicity.


Scheduling takes into account different tasks, the time, and the resources to be deployed in order to complete these tasks.

It is the ability to determine when a particular process will take place in the future, with special consideration on resource availability, activities, and time constraints.

Percentage of total

Displaying data in a table as a percentage of that particular data’s total, using the percentage (%) of row and percentage (%) of column calculation. 
For example, a user can summarize ‘Sales in a specific region’ as a percentage of ‘Total Sales.’

Data scientist

A data scientist is a job title for an employee or business intelligence (BI) consultant who excels at analyzing data, particularly large amounts of data, to help a business gain a competitive edge. To do so, the employee is using statistical & data mining techniques.

Data Mashup

A data mashup is the integration of heterogeneous digital data from multiple sources for business purposes.

Data Latency

Data latency, in a data warehouse context, is the time between the creation of data in a source system and the exact time at which the same data is available for end users on the business intelligence platform.


The construction of a partial system to demonstrate some aspect or aspects of the intended system behavior in order to gain user acceptance or to establish technical feasibility.  


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