DW - Data Warehousing & Modeling

Integrated Performance Management in the Public Sector


Over recent years, De Lijn has deployed a large scaled data warehouse environment, currently serving over 300 users. The Business Intelligence environment on top of the data warehouse is used for reporting & analysis on subject areas like personnel behavior (driver productivity, employee sickness behavior, overtime worked, employee scheduling), ticketing information (both for operational and marketing purposes), vehicle operations (GPS data, driven kilometers, maintenance, fuel consumption, vehicle cost per vehicle age), financial data (budgets versus actual, subsidies from the government, money going to subcontracting…) and vehicle road accidents. Next to that the data warehouse also drives the De Lijn planning and budgeting application in IBM Cognos TM1.

Currently De Lijn is also building a case to implement a data warehouse appliance to keep supporting the fast-growing demand for more subject areas, more users and new types of analysis within the data warehouse.

Technologies used include IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Datastage on a DB/2 platform on iSeries.

Management Dashboard for Performance Management in Staffing


The Corporate USG People Data Warehouse is based on multitude data sources (back- and front-office). The decision support system is used by virtually all management levels in the organization in order to get a complementary overview of the performance of the USG Group. USG country management can retrieve financial and operational details on their country performance. At VP-level, consolidated financial and operational data is available. A crucial part of the project was also working out an implementation blueprint that considerable facilitates and speeds up the integration of additional local USG People offices in the application.

Business Intelligence on top of SAP, without using SAP Business Warehouse


element61 has delivered a comprehensive BI project on behalf of Vandeputte Safety. The main challenge in this project was to extract data from an SAP ECC 6.0 ERP system, without using the intermediate SAP Business Warehouse layer, using a Microsoft SSIS solution. This project has been very successfully, delivered in time and on budget, serving a business audience of 100+ end users.

Implementation of a BI-Saas solution for production reporting & analysis


Reynders Labels was looking for a BI solution to replace their inadequate Excel reporting solution. element61 built a Microsoft SQL Server based BI solution for them, in a Software-as-a-Service ("Cloud") architecture. The scope of the project was to provide a reporting and analysis environment focusing on the production data of their printing presses.

Business Intelligence in the Social Sector


In 2011, OCMW Brugge started with a new data warehouse. The focus of the first iteration was HR reporting & analysis based on data from the operational HR & personnel application InfoHos. The application contains personnel information like contracts, work place, work regime, activity center, absence & illness and a payroll engine. All the information is extracted and transformed to the data warehouse, where the information is enriched with budget information and transformed into FTE-based calculations, given varying working regimes. Several types of reports are created on top of the data warehouse. As a public municipality organization, OCMW Brugge needs to publish statistical information on the use of funds and personnel related activity. Next to information for top management delivered via Analysis Services 2008, also Reporting Services reports help managers at all levels to follow up more operational activities.


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