DW - Data Warehousing & Modeling

Data Lake

A data lake is an important element of the buzzwords related to Big Data and Advanced Analytics. A data lake is a storage repository in which we hold raw data in its native format; this can be structured (e.g. entire source data-tables), semi-structured, and unstructured (e.g., photos, tweets) data. 

10 Oct 2016 Monday
Over the last years, SQL Server Days has become a household name in the European SQL Server Community . For the 9 th successive year the Belgian SQL Server User Group (SQLUG.BE vzw) and Microsoft are teaming up to organize the Belgian SQL Server...

Process mining

Process mining can be described as the search to discover strategic information and extracting patterns in bigger databases by making use of process patterns. In this process, users are "digging” into the data and make use of visual process techniques. It helps enterprises and analysts to visualize understand the essential information out of massive quantities of data.

CDO - Chief Data Officer

Big Data business opportunities, data security, privacy, and others are too big not to be discussed at the C-level. A CDO or chief data officer is a leader role within the organization responsible for organization-wide governance and utilization of data and information, via data capturing, processing, analysis, data mining, information trading and other. 

Data Masking

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15 Sep 2016 Thursday
Invest 1/2 day to learn all about or update yourself on the IBM Cognos Business Analytics portfolio ! Learn from best practices and network with other local IBM Cognos users.


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