DW - Data Warehousing & Modeling

Data Warehouse for Soudal


In parallel to an ERP migration program from Baan to SAP, Soudal decided to implement a new data warehouse. After a BI roadmap exercise by element61, MS SQL Server 2008 was selected as technology platform for the new data warehouse.

Implementation of an end-to end Performance Management solution


Echo relied on element61 to play a key role in the definition and execution of their Performance Management strategy. element61's activities started with jointly defining a Performance Management roadmap, that formed the basis for the implementation of both a BI and CPM solution. In the implementation process, element61 was responsible for the analysis of the requirements, the solution design, and the implementation using a best-of-breed technology mix of MS SQL Server 2008, IBM Cognos BI 8 and IBM Cognos Planning 8. This project was executed in very close collaboration with the Echo team and has received substantial industry recognition with the BI Vision Award and the Best Finance Team Award.

Business Intelligence in the Social Sector


In 2011, OCMW Brugge started with a new data warehouse. The focus of the first iteration was HR reporting & analysis based on data from the operational HR & personnel application InfoHos. The application contains personnel information like contracts, work place, work regime, activity center, absence & illness and a payroll engine. All the information is extracted and transformed to the data warehouse, where the information is enriched with budget information and transformed into FTE-based calculations, given varying working regimes. Several types of reports are created on top of the data warehouse. As a public municipality organization, OCMW Brugge needs to publish statistical information on the use of funds and personnel related activity. Next to information for top management delivered via Analysis Services 2008, also Reporting Services reports help managers at all levels to follow up more operational activities.

Business Intelligence on top of SAP, without using SAP Business Warehouse


element61 has delivered a comprehensive BI project on behalf of Vandeputte Safety. The main challenge in this project was to extract data from an SAP ECC 6.0 ERP system, without using the intermediate SAP Business Warehouse layer, using a Microsoft SSIS solution. This project has been very successfully, delivered in time and on budget, serving a business audience of 100+ end users.

From batch to real-time reporting and analytics

Portrait de Bart Van Der Vurst

With the emergence of digitization and IoT, it becomes crucial for some companies to enable faster decision making through faster data insights. Gone are the days when everyone can wait for hours or days to look at insights and performance dashboards.

In this insight, we have proven that providing these real-time insights means a change in system architecture for many business intelligence teams. In our expert opinion, we concluded that a best-practice real-time architecture consists of two main building blocks: a receiving end-point to receive the data streams and a real-time analytics layer to transform the data.

We conclude that getting started with real-time analytics isn't complex: all leading vendors as well as open-source providers offer a serious of proven solutions and as solutions are offered through the cloud, they start with no investments needed (pay-as-you-go basis).

R language

R, also called GNU S, is an open-source language and environment designed for statistical computing and graphics. Although it's been existing for 20 years, R remains the most popular statistical programming language used today. R is both a language as well as an environment. To access both, one needs the environment installed on its computer or server. 

Data Lake

A data lake is an important element of the buzzwords related to Big Data and Advanced Analytics. A data lake is a storage repository in which we hold raw data in its native format; this can be structured (e.g. entire source data-tables), semi-structured, and unstructured (e.g., photos, tweets) data. 

10 Oct 2016 Monday
Over the last years, SQL Server Days has become a household name in the European SQL Server Community . For the 9 th successive year the Belgian SQL Server User Group (SQLUG.BE vzw) and Microsoft are teaming up to organize the Belgian SQL Server...

Process mining

Process mining can be described as the search to discover strategic information and extracting patterns in bigger databases by making use of process patterns. In this process, users are "digging” into the data and make use of visual process techniques. It helps enterprises and analysts to visualize understand the essential information out of massive quantities of data.

CDO - Chief Data Officer

Big Data business opportunities, data security, privacy, and others are too big not to be discussed at the C-level. A CDO or chief data officer is a leader role within the organization responsible for organization-wide governance and utilization of data and information, via data capturing, processing, analysis, data mining, information trading and other. 


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