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05 Nov 2020 Thursday
Join us on November 5th, 2020 for an online webinar on our Microsoft Business Intelligence “Out-of-the-Box” for Microsoft Dynamics Navision / Business Central solution, based on Power BI.

Getting started with Power BI Deployment Pipelines

Portrait de Timothy Van Brusselen

At the end of May 2020, Microsoft started deploying the Power BI deployment pipelines feature in public preview. The possibility to deploy Power BI artifacts to different deployment stages, in a managed and governed way, was an important feature that was missing in the Power BI service feature portfolio.

In this Insight, we will clarify what out-of-the-box deployment pipelines are all about and what the feature can do for your organization.

28 Oct 2020 Wednesday
Be the first to know all about the 2020 October release of TimeXtender ! On October 28th, 2020 element61 and TimeXtender will organize a webinar-workshop to present all the new & exciting features of TimeXtender 2020, but also get into more...

When to use Azure Synapse Analytics and/or Azure Databricks?

Portrait de Ivana Pejeva

What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

Azure Synapse Analytics is the Azure SQL Datawarehouse rebranded. Azure Synapse Analytics v2 (workspaces incl. Azure Synapse Studio) is still in preview. This version of Azure Synapse Analytics integrates existing and new analytical services together to bring the enterprise DWH and the big analytical workloads together.  

What are the Azure Synapse Components

12 May 2020 Tuesday
Power BI Premium is becoming Microsoft’s flagship tool for both self-service BI and enterprise BI. Do you need Premium in your organization or will Power BI Pro be enough to do the job?
06 May 2020 Wednesday
Microsoft offers best in class capabilities for both Self-Service AND Enterprise Business Intelligence with Power BI. You want to do both but how can you keep this continuum and keep Power BI in control and governed?
02 Apr 2020 Thursday
While we’re locked up in our homes, it’s the perfect time to get to know new tools and learn from experts . That’s why we’re hosting a series of webinars , each time focusing on one particular solution that we use in our...

EHS Reporting on Azure Cloud

Portrait de Bart Van Der Vurst

Vroon asked element61 to design and implement a modern data warehouse on Azure Cloud for its newly-developed Environment, Health and Safety tool (EHS). Given the ambition to innovate in data and analytics, a modern architecture was used fully leveraging PaaS services in the Cloud.

26 Oct 2020 Monday

In this fundamentals workshop we aim to share and show what a BI professional should know about building BI and Analytics platforms in the Azure Cloud. In this first day we go through the theory & fundamental concepts on Data & Analytics in Azure


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