Business Analytics Strategy


Analysis is the systematic process of separating or breaking down complex informational materials into smaller components in order to comprehend their relationships. It is a careful examination of facts and data to reveal the cause and effect, and other relationships in order to make conclusions that allow better decision-making and problem-solving. 


Alerts and notifications refer to any automated signals or short messages that may be sent through a SMS, an email or an indicator in a dashboard or report. They are a call to action after a specific event has occurred. They are also used to assign tasks or inform the recipients about certain urgent issues. Alerts can be the result of the outcome of a report or specific queries.


The process of summarizing or combining data. It can be used to speed up query performance. Facts are summed up for selected dimensions from the original fact table. The resulting aggregate table will have fewer rows, thus making queries run faster.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics can be defined as analysis that makes use of mathematical and statistical algorithms. Data mining and BI reporting tools can be used to support advanced analytics.
These advanced analytics can be classified in three groups; descriptive analytics (grouping and segmentation), predictive analytics (patterns and anomalies) and optimization analytics (outcome strategies).


A spreadmart (spreadsheet data mart) is a situation in which a company's employees have inconsistent views of corporate data because each department relies on the data from their own spreadsheets.


Scheduling takes into account different tasks, the time, and the resources to be deployed in order to complete these tasks.

It is the ability to determine when a particular process will take place in the future, with special consideration on resource availability, activities, and time constraints.

Automate your ETL testing and deliver quicker and better results

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Testing ETL projects - used for Extracting data, Transforming it according to reporting requirements and Loading it into the data warehouse - is very complex because of many reasons. Typically huge amounts of data are handled and data comes often from multiple sources that need to be combined. Sometimes, the data is loaded incrementally, sometimes it needs to be reloaded in full. These ETL-flows can also apply all kinds of complex calculations and transformations on the data.

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