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Introduction Data integration processes are very time and resource consuming. The amount of data and the size of the datasets are constantly growing but data and information are still expected to be delivered on-time. Performance is therefore a key...
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Jelle Daems
Business Intelligence Unleashed, Expectations Exceeded ? Introduction Early November 2010, IBM Cognos 10 was finally released. "Business Intelligence Unleashed” was the –as usual- catchy and (overly ?) promising marketing slogan...
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Maarten Vanleenhove
­Introduction The Matrix is a 1999 American science fiction-action film starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss. The film depicts a future in which reality as perceived by humans is actually a simulated reality created by...
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Werner Engelen
Introduction This is the story of a ‘blue’ and a ‘green’ hospital … In the ‘blue’ hospital, amongst other things, the medical procedures (diagnoses) and the gender associated with a patient were recorded in...
Portrait de Werner Engelen
Werner Engelen
Introduction BI –Business Intelligence– can be defined as a range of applications, technologies and methodologies to disclose information to end users for decision making. It encompasses functionality in the area of Query, Reporting,...
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Raf Theuwis
Introduction Business Intelligence and data warehouse projects are often seen as costly and never ending on time or even worst as costly projects that never deliver any benefits. As with any ICT related project, this can be true in some cases but...
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Christophe Cabrera
In the world of Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management, every so often a new term is launched, often proclaimed as the next big thing. "Location Intelligence is one of the more recent new terms. The term seems to speak for itself, and...
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Kris Bouckaert
PowerPivot, then still codenamed Project Gemini, was announced at the second annual Microsoft BI Conference in Seattle on October 6, 2008.
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Nico Verbaenen
In information technology, migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating environment to another operating environment.
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Sabrina Bonneux
Introduction As in any project, also in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects, a time exists for discovery of what is wanted and/or needed followed by a time for building what results from the requirements. In typical project...
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Werner Engelen