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Introduction SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is the popular ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Loading) solution of the Microsoft BI Suite. With the introduction of SQL Server 2005, Microsoft completely reshaped the way data loads could be...
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Tony Robyn
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 is a versatile product. It enables people to work together in one environment where they can easily store and share information with others and also search for business information - regardless of who created...
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Nico Verbaenen
Introduction When building a data warehouse with SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), data often needs to be manipulated, transformed or enriched. Sometimes this can be implemented using standard master data lookups or formulas (although this is often...
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Dirk Francis
Mobile BI or having the ability to consume report and BI content on a mobile device is certainly not a new concept. It has been around for over a decade... Companies like Business Objects or Cognos introduced Business Objects Infoview Mobile or...
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Maarten Vanleenhove
Introduction In newly-released version of SQL Server, SQL Server 2012, a whole new approach to multi-dimensional analysis-like Business Intelligence is introduced. This is just one of the many new features. For a complete overview of new BI related...
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Bruno Ingham
Microsoft released SQL Server 2012, this version offers some interesting new functionality in Business intelligence & Data Warehousing.
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Bruno Ingham
Introduction Sometimes we are not granted the joy of working with SAP source systems and their built in extractors. When faced with non-SAP sources, we often fall back on flat files to upload data into our SAP Business Warehouse system. In many...
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Bart Meys
Introduction SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 (SAP BO 4.0) is the long awaited, with SAP Business Intelligence / SAP Business Warehouse integrated, version of BusinessObjects. With the acquisition of BusinessObjects by SAP in 2007, customers were having a...
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Jorn Van den Driessche
Introduction Clarity FSR (Financial Statement Reporting) was acquired by IBM in 2010 as part of Clarity Systems. Clarity FSR is an innovative new type of reporting solution that assists in the creation of statements and (annual) investor relations...
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Timothy Vermeiren
Introduction In order to create a sustainable solution it is important to establish a repetitive method. If you want to make sure that for each picture you take, you will also be able to make a quality print, then you need to make sure that you...
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Werner Engelen