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With this insight, we target to describe the additional functionality and reporting possibilities that you can bring to your Cognos Controller consolidation platform by activating the Cognos TM1 FAP (Financial Analytic Publisher) solution. Moreover...
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Tom Pauwels
Globalisation is forcing companies to re-think the organisational structure and to develop new competences in-house. These pressures are resulting in more and more companies being confronted with consolidation issues. Properly kicking off your...
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Frank Lehouck
As element61 we want to deliver correct and reliable data. To guarantee this, we need to thoroughly structure the back- and front end and validate the data through a verification method. Qlik provides us with quick and developer-friendly tools to...
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Cédric Lupo
Mobile business intelligence has been part of everyone’s business intelligence roadmaps for quite some time now. However, until recently, Microsoft didn’t have a solid offering in its SQL Server BI stack that could tackle the specific needs of...
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Koen Verbeeck
With the emergence of digitization and IoT, it becomes crucial for some companies to enable faster decision making through faster data insights. Gone are the days when everyone can wait for hours or days to look at insights and performance...
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Bart Van Der Vurst
Today SAP Lumira is a powerful data visualization, dashboarding and analysis tool that can be used on top of SAP HANA, SAP BW and a multitude of other data sources. Business users can visualize their KPIs and prepare impressive business analytics...
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Sergei Peleshuk
Microsoft provides users with a tool to do advanced analytics while abstracting for users the hassle of technology and infrastructure.
Portrait de Bart Van Der Vurst
Bart Van Der Vurst
SAP has succeeded in moving towards a modern coherent planning suite with the release of SAP BPC 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver. The new product combines the advantages of BW Integrated Planning, SAP HANA and SAP BPC. SAP BPC 10.1 NetWeaver version...
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Nico Sacré
Overview This is the second part in our series about Cognos Analytics 11. In the first part we discussed an overview of new features and in detail, data modules and dashboards. This second part will deal with reporting, architecture and more...
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Maarten Vanleenhove
Overview This is part one of a series discussing Cognos Analytics 11. Part 1 will take a closer look at the interface, data modules and the new dashboarding module. Part two will discuss report authoring, installation and migration/upgrading. Cognos...
Portrait de Maarten Vanleenhove
Maarten Vanleenhove