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As a learning organisation, element61 stimulates its consultants to further build on their already vast experiences through investments in a personal development plan and a company-wide content development initiative. Through formal training, presence at industry events, networking, recommended reading and internet based information exchange, our consultants further dive into specialized topics of their own interest.
These result in what we call "Insights", own produced research content, often complemented by personal experiences and opinions. Below you can find our currently published list of Insights.
Azure Machine Learning Services is a the new AI toolbox released in Microsoft Azure Cloud. We tested it hands-on and these are our findings
Portrait de Floriant Sturm
Floriant Sturm
SAP BPC 11 on BW/4HANA is a completely different product than the BPC-Optimized version for S/4HANA. Read more about BPC 11 on BW/4HANA
Portrait de Adrien Constant
Adrien Constant
With SAP BPC (BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation), customers can already benefit from one single platform where management reporting, planning processes and financial consolidation are unified.
Portrait de Bjorn Van Damme
Bjorn Van Damme
Power BI is a Self-service Business Intelligence solution from Microsoft. In this Insight we discuss the approach and the limitations for connecting to SAP Data Sources including SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP BPC cubes and SAP BW4/HANA.
Portrait de Dr. Prasad Gurla
Dr. Prasad Gurla
Azure Batch is designed to run parallel computing in the cloud across many nodes that can scale based on the workload being executed. It’s a perfect fit for parallelizing ETL or AI use-cases.
Portrait de Ivana Pejeva
Ivana Pejeva
Parallel Computing is the process of running different tasks at the same time. In training and building AI and Machine Learning, algorithms parallelism is often crucial for the following use-cases.
Portrait de Ivana Pejeva
Ivana Pejeva
IBM has recently released their newest version of their core BI software, Cognos Analytics 11.1.0. We've been able to give their demo environment a first test drive and are very keen to share with you our first impressions.
Portrait de Joeri Willems
Joeri Willems
The war on talent is affecting most industries, but none more than the IT field. It is increasingly difficult to find quality data professionals and to hold onto these talented individuals.
Portrait de Peter Van Craenenbroeck
Peter Van Craenenbroeck
If you want to start a new software project today, you will likely be looking at Python for your codebase. It's easy to use and allows for quick development thanks to the many great third party libraries.
Portrait de Armin Halilovic
Armin Halilovic
In machine learning, normalization/standardization involves feature scaling, where the features (variables) used for making predictions are scaled to the same range of values. The feature scaling process is applied in the data preprocessing step...
Portrait de Ivana Pejeva
Ivana Pejeva