Modern BI Development with Azure Synapse

In the Cloud, data warehousing is different than on-premise SQL Server as you want to maximally benefit from cloud functionalities, scalability, flexibility & managed services. As a BI or Data Professional, you want to feel comfortable in how to do modern data warehouse development in Microsoft Azure Cloud. To learn all these tips & tricks of cloud data-warehousing with Azure Synapse Analytics, element61 hosts this Modern BI development training.

Course objective

In this course we learn you the best-practices of cloud data warehousing with Azure Synapse Analytics. We recap on the overall BI principles and map each of them on how they are best supported in the Cloud. This course is focused on the detailed use of Azure Synapse Analytics for BI Data-warehousing but similarly recaps for the participants the other relevant BI Azure resources such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Analyses Services & Power BI. 

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This training is a 1-day training and covers end-to-end BI development through Azure Synapse Analytics.
Topics include:

  • Role of Data Lake in Modern BI development (to replace staging)
  • Importance of table distributions
  • Set-up & design of extraction scripts in a Modern Data Platform architecture
  • Best practices in data transformations incl. create table design, key design & schema set-up 
  • Additional features of Synapse to know (vs. classical SQL Server) 
  • Relevance of external tables
  • Flexibility controls in Synapse & how to set them up (incl. smart pausing, scaling & cost control)

After this course, you will know all basics on how to start new data warehouse development in Azure and/or reflect on migration from on-premise data warehousing to the Azure Cloud.

This course focuses on Azure Synapse Analytics but touches all its assets including Azure Synapse Serverless, Azure Synapse Dedicated Pools and additional capabilities like Azure Synapse Spark Pools, Azure Synapse Explorer, etc.


    • You are an (aspirant) BI professional with knowledge of data modelling & data-warehouse development. You know SQL & have notion of data dimensional concepts.

      • Note: For aspirants in BI & data warehousing, we highly recommend to follow the Data-dimensional Training prior to this Azure Synapse training.

    • You are looking to know what's what in the Azure Cloud and get some practical tips (rather than reading online documentation)

      • Note: we recommend all participants to follow the Azure Fundamentals training prior to this Azure Synapse training as it gives a broad overview of Azure Cloud, ressources & cloud data analytics concepts & key resources.


    • € 675 per day

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    The full element61 Training schedule (incl. when which training runs) can be found here.