Databricks Training

Databricks Training

Databricks is a leading platform for Data Engineering and Data Science powered by Apache Spark. Databricks offers a unified analytics platform with a familiar notebook-environment for data scientists (Python, SQL, Scala, R, Jupyter Notebooks) yet also all features needed to guarantee enterprise security, MLOps (with Mlflow) and CICD (e.g. using Databricks CLI).

Databricks Training

As a Databricks partner, element61 is proud to offer a series of Databricks Training teaching the basics and advanced features in Spark, Delta Lake, Lakehouse, MLflow and ML on Azure.

Our Databricks courses

Our related Azure courses

Next to the Databricks specific courses, following element61 courses are similarly highly recommended for those interested in Databricks and Azure:


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For more information, please reach out and we can give you more details & practicals such:

  • How these courses can be given as private in-company courses
  • How you can subscribe for multiple courses at once
  • How we can jointly build a learning plan for you and your team

The full element61 Training schedule (incl. when which training runs) can be found here.

Databricks Training

For a complete overview of all courses, visit our academy page.