Supply and Demand Planning with Vena Solutions

An integrated Sales and Operations Planning solution allows an organization to combine disparate data sources, review and update unconstrained demand scenarios, compare that demand to supply constraints, drive to a balanced consensus demand and supply plan whilst continuously monitoring the financial impacts of those scenarios and final plans.

S&OP with Vena Solutions offers distinct benefits:

  • Simulation various alternatives to balance customer service, operational, and financial performance
  • Improve collaboration between departments allowing frequent adjustments in supply and demand.
  • Optimize resources
  • Improved inventory and backlog management
  • Improve customer service

Spreadsheets and Vena

Excel is and remains a powerful solution, but it also has its limits. During this 60 minutes live webinar, we show how Vena Solutions removes some of the common boundaries of Excel within a planning process using Vena:

  1. Workflow & process guidance
  2. Presentation of data
  3. Data quality
  4. Integration of data
  5. Performance gains


17 septembre, 2020


Microsoft Teams