Gijs Vercruyssen

Gijs Vercruyssen - element61
Business Analytics experience
5 années
Innovative Analytics Software Specialist

Gijs graduated in 2016 as a Master of Science in Applied Economic Sciences at the KU Leuven University, with specialisation in Accountancy and Finance.

After his studies, Gijs joined PricewaterhouseCoopers and started working in the Audit sector. During the 2 years active at PwC, the main focus was to investigate, analyze and draw conclusions from financial information to identify operational, financial and accounting risks. This through analyzing business processes to look for internal control flaws up until reviewing the statutory accounts.

At the beginning of 2018, a new career path started when he began as an Account Manager for Norriq, a Microsoft partner (ERP, CRM & BI). Gijs guided companies in their choice of applications to optimise their business, mostly within an international context. Efficient advice and sharing insights made it possible to develop a sustainable relationship in the ever-evolving Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Along the way, Gijs developed a profound interest in the latest trends and possibilities concerning Data & Analytics (AI, machine learning, …). Hearing and reading about real-life use cases where new insights had a groundbreaking impact on people’s life intrigued him. During his time as a Account Manager, Gijs experienced first hand that the strategic and potential value of Data & Analytics today is still too often underestimated. Knowing that, he co-developed a new product and unit strategy for the Data & Analytics department at Norriq.

Gijs joined element61 in April 2020 and will combine his passion for Analytics and AI in launching on the Belgian market. is a new packaged solution for both internal and external audit, with build-in Artificial Intelligence. Through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the MindBridge platform detects anomalous patterns of activities, unintentional errors and intentional financial misstatements.

Free time

Tennis, padel, endurance sports (running, cycling, swimming)