Data warehouse with TimeXtender and Power BI for Supply Chain

April 2019 DHL Supply Chain decided to implement a state-of-the-art data warehouse with Power BI reporting on top.  They choose element61 as their preferred TimeXtender Discovery Hub partner to support them during this project.
The initial objective was to replace the previously used Qlik solution and allow the business to conduct data driven analyses related to their Warehouse Management System (WMS) in combination with data from their Performance Benchmark and Time Registration applications using Power BI.
After finishing the first phase, where we build the data warehouse on top of the WMS data, it was decided to implement Master Data Services and use that tool to cover part of the Performance Benchmark input and the mapping of source specific values for clients and warehouses on master data.  Doing this made it possible to report on source specific information, but more important, also report on the combination of data coming from different data sources.  On top of the data warehouse a tabular model was setup.
The complete ETL process and setup of the tabular model are implemented using Discovery Hub on top of a SQL Server environment.
In the meantime element61 organised several Power BI training sessions to get the key users up to speed with this new environment.