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SAP Crystal Reports is the reporting tool to create your pixel perfect reports on almost any source environment, for a large number of users. Crystal reports is a strong tool to deliver and design reports, based on a graphical connection towards your source data. In the past Crystal reports was delivered embedded in multiple business software packages (e.g. SAP, MS Visual Studio, JD Edwards, and many more).

SAP Crystal Reports is a tool that is on the market for almost twenty years and was originally developed by Seagate Technology. The basic functionality has evolved and has been extended with new and enriched features (e.g. reporting based on SAP BusinessObjects universes, integration of basic maps to plot your data on, extended use of formulas within your reports), but adhered to its basic functionality: creating pixel perfect reports.
In 2003 BusinessObjects acquired Crystal Decisions, the new company name of Seagate Software, to integrate the package within its own business intelligence platform. The integrated product was launched as the BusinessObjects XI platform in 2005. Later on, in 2007, BusinessObjects has been taken over by SAP and the tool was renamed into SAP Crystal Reports.

With SAP Crystal Reports everyone can create reports on almost any data and spread the reports over many users. SAP Crystal Reports contains a basic charting engine and offers the necessary grouping functionality and formula editing capabilities to make your own customized reports. Crystal reports offers this functionality in a standalone version and a server version.

With the standalone version all reports can be refreshed and viewed within the SAP Crystal Reports viewer. The server version adds in the necessary security structure, to make sure that reports are only seen, having the necessary grants.In addition the server version offers the possibility to schedule your documents to make sure that everyone gets their data on time.

SAP Crystal Reports is a solution to reach a wide group of people with the same standard report and is mostly used to create operational reporting, where no or limited drill down functionality is required. Since SAP Crystal is known as a pixel perfect reporting tool, it is widely used to create documents within your business software package (e.g. invoices, orders, ) that have to be identical towards lay-out every time you run it. Some basic analysis can be performed within SAP Crystal Reports, such as showing or hiding detail lines. Extended analyses based on SAP Crystal Reports are limited.

element61 has an extensive experience in the usage of SAP Crystal Reports. Therefore we can be of your assistance in the creation and maintenance of your report environment, or guide you through the implementation of SAP Crystal Reports within your company.

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