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Creating a Performance Management environment is bringing data together from different source systems into one environment, to make trusted, integrated, decisions. Bringing the data together is, most of the time, quite easy Integrating data from the different sources is often a challenge.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator helps your organization to overcome this challenge with an intuitive solution to extract, transform, integrate and load your data in the analytical environment.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator has a long history and started originally as ActaWorks, which was acquired by BusinessObjects in 2002. Since 2002, BusinessObjects and later on SAP, has constantly updated and improved Data Integrator to become one of the leader products in the Gartner Magic quadrant for data integration and Information Management. With SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator you can extract data from any source, transform, format and integrate that data into almost any target database. Focus of the solution is on extracting and transforming data. Within the tool however, a basic set of commands to cleanse and document your data is also available. Adding in respectively SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality and SAP BusinessObjects Meta Data Management offers you a richer environment to create a full integrated data-environment for your organization.

Working with SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator will enable you to build analytical reporting environments, such as an Operational Data Store (ODS), a Datamart or an enterprise Data Warehouse in an intuitive way: the applied business rules or transformations are built via a graphical interface and therefore are easy to follow through your workflows and easy to understand thanks to the intuitional use of the commands to build your business rules.

SAPs integration with the complete Business Objects family starts an important evolution into the integration of both SAP and non-SAP data into one environment. With the newest version of SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator, you will be able to integrate the tool in your SAP Netweaver BW deployment to enrich your environment with external data, or use some SAP BW extractions in your external open data warehouse.

element61 has extensive experience in the usage of SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator and its components to build analytical report environments. Therefore we can help you in introducing, implementing, upgrading and supporting a new or existing SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator environment within your organization.

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