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SAP Analysis for Office Training

Course Description/Summary:

This instructor-led custom training has been designed for organizations that aim to empower their Business & Key Users in SAP Analysis for Office. This 2 day course covers basic and advanced functionality of SAP Analysis for Office for reporting on different data sources (Bex Queries, aDSOs, HANA views, SAP Analytics Cloud, …) and combines expert training and advice with hands-on exercises.


  • Any end user wanting to get the most out of Analysis for Office for his reporting
  • BI Power Users and managers
  • BW and SAP Hana users


  • None – course will start with explaining the fundamentals


  • Introduction – explaining the fundamentals
  • Connecting to the various data sources
  • Report creation – the basics
  • Report creation - Advanced

Duration: 2 days

Cost: 1.250 € per participant.

Training Curriculum:

  • Presentation, instructor demonstrations, and exercises using our Training environment.
  • Bring your own laptop installed with administrator rights so latest version of Analysis for Office can be installed.

SAP Analysis for Office Learning Objectives 

  • The fundamentals
    • Linking to various Data sources
      • Understanding Bex queries.
      • Understanding aDSOs, Composite providers...
      • Understanding HANA calculation views
      • Basics on SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Creating Connections
    • BO connection.
    • NW connection.
    • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Reporting – the basics
  • Creating workbooks
    • Inserting a crosstab with data from different data sources
    • Inserting a dynamic chart
    • Inserting an Info Field
    • Inserting a filter
    • Protecting workbooks
    • Saving a workbook
    • Saving a view
  • Analyzing data
  • Opening a workbook
  • Analyzing data with the design panel
  • The analysis tab
  • The information tab
  • The components tab
  • Different ways of showing members and showing totals
  • Repeating members
  • Show/hide zeros in rows and columns
  • Workbook properties for prompting
  • Filtering members
  • Filtering measures
  • Defining the display of members, measures and totals
  • Include dimensions with hierarchies in an analysis
  • Display single dimensions as a hierarchy
  • Working with Grouping & creating a custom hierarchy
  • Learn how to share the axis across multiple reports
  • Using restricted measures
  • Using advanced calculations
  • Working with prompts and filters
  • Sorting data
  • Working with hierarchies
  • Axis Sharing
  • Set up Calculations
  • Working with conditional formatting
  • Commenting a data cell
  • Creating Presentations
  • Customize the user interface
  • Reporting – Advanced
    • Working with formulas
      • Use the functions included in the add-in to build formulas to include data and meta data of used data sources into your analysis
    • Working with API’s combined with VBA

Take Away Training Materials:

  • PDF of the presentation


  • SAP Analysis for Office

Advanced Preparation:

  • None