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IBM Cognos Analytics 11

Cognos Analytics 11 is the latest major release of the IBM Business Analytics software suite the successor of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.

Cognos Analytics 11 uses a completely new, modern interface that has a stylish look and feel.

Cognos Analytics 11 uses a completely new, modern interface that has a stylish look and feel. Functionality is only exposed on demand, by using sliding panels. Report viewing, authoring and browsing the content store are all done within the same browser window. There is a seamless transition between traditional desktop browsers and mobile devices by using a responsive design.

Cognos Analytics 11 is not only positioned towards the professional report author but also towards power users and data scientists by offering Watson-like features such as natural language search and automatic proposal of charts. Data modules offer a new method for business users to quickly build small and focussed modules and/or integrate multiple data sources. Data modules can be used to build both dashboards and reports.
A Dashboard module offers business users to build highly visual and interactive dashboards. Using data modules, multiple visualisations can be easily added to the canvas. When dragging columns to the dashboard, Cognos Analytics will propose the best suited visualization. Cognos Analytics can also generate visualisations based on questions or intent of statement.
A new Reporting module offers ad-hoc analysis, self-service reports and pixel perfect advanced reports by offering a gradual reporting experience. Functionality is only exposed when required by the business user. When the report is run the consumer do further analysis on the data by filtering, set analysis and drill up/down. The addition of templates and themes offer easy styling of the report.
IBM Cognos Analytics 11
Reporting in Cognos Analytics 11
Cognos Analytics 11 is the next major step in the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence product portfolio and offers as highlights a responsive, stylish interface, extended self-service functionality, a gradual authoring experience and a brand new dashboard module.
element61 is early adopter of the new version. All our consultants have been trained and the first customer implementations and migrations have been successfully executed. We also have developed and tested best practise upgrade and migration approaches to get from Cognos 10 to Cognos Analytics.
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