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Big Data and AI - hype or here to stay?

Although the concept of Big Data & Data Science have been trending for many years, many organizations today still struggle in really understanding its meaning, envisioning the opportunities and embracing a successful implementation.

As element61, we know that the evolution towards a Modern Data Platform is the logical next step in Business Intelligence maturity.


Vendor selection

A traditional BI data-warehouse can't cope with running AI, handling Big Data or running real-time reporting.

- Toon Puissant, Partner element61



Cloud or on-premise?

Cloud has major benefits for data & analytics set-ups including flexibility and scalability. However, an on-premise set-up is similarly possible.

element61 can help you define the pro's and con's of various Cloud architectures vs. an on-premise set-up.

We typically assess Clouds vs. on-premise on dimensions including:

  • Availability of needed technology
  • Internal knowledge
  • Support
  • Access to skills
  • Total Cost 


Which tooling exists and how to choose a vendor?

element61 is vendor-neutral and has expertise in all major technology stacks including Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform. We continuously help our customers compare Clouds and outline the pro's and con's of each vendor. It is our belief that the best platform for you is the one that fits with your needs and use-cases.

Vendor selection     Vendor selection      Vendor selectionVendor selection

As element61, we have expertise in all major technologies and softwares: our promise is to help an organization find the right technology for the right use-cases and organization. We are certified partner with SAP, IBM and Microsoft.

How to get started with my Architecture?

For many organizations, there is hesitation to get started: there is the bias that its new, sounds very complex and must be very expensive. In above paragraphs, we hope we clarified that it doesnt have to be: its accessible for small and medium companies as well, doesnt require a big investment and will bring added-value.

As such, our belief is that its important to go step-by-step and to start with a tangible, measurable but simple use-case (i.e., a proof of concept). This allows the organization to learn and to grasp the output/ROI that advanced analytics can bring. As the organization gains confidence, the organization can proceed in making a choice in technology, applying more complex algorithms, running more use-cases. Along the full learning and implementation cycle, element61 offers to support to design a roadmap, help you get started, co-develop a proof of concept (POCs) and integrate within your existing BI system.

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