Learning Data Engineering & building a Proof of Value of DBT & Databricks

This is a true data engineer internship where we want to experiment together with how two leading data frameworks (DBT & Spark) can best work together for building big data pipeline and feature engineering jobs.


Traineeship Proof of Value

All data science starts with having data & getting this data, transforming it & making it available is the core responsibility of a data engineer.

In this internship, we want you to experiment, research & build a Proof of Value which blends it to with the overall existing best-practices we have at element61 (i.e. using of Delta Lake). You’ll start with getting to know the data engineer space incl. tools like Airflow, Azure Data Factory and Databricks and – based on research – you will evaluate the role of new frameworks like DBT and step-by-step build an actual Proof of Value with actual data. This project will be a project leveraging best of data engineering.


This internship is about experimentation, research & learning. It’s about hands-on getting to know the data engineering space and extending the work of element61 and existing templates. The internship will include

  • The learning part of enriching yourself with what is data engineering (something you don’t look at in school).
  • The research part of how new framework can have an added value in our reference architectures, their pro’s & con’s.
  • The technical part of actually setting up these new tool, trying them out & evaluating them hands-on.

As an intern, we expect you to:

  • Translate your academic knowledge into business solutions & a first hands-on experience;
  • Do data development using Python, SQL in Azure and Databricks;
  • Show your documentation and reporting skills through presentations and demo’s;
  • Show creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in this challenging use-case.

What are we looking for:

  • Character: customer-oriented, able to work in a team, keen to create something new in international teams;
  • Working Practice: analytical, structured and result-orientated;
  • Passionate about analytics & data engineering and eager to learn;
  • Enthusiasm to be part of a growing team & industry;

Language: working level English

Interested to find out more ? Send us your profile and motivation at jobs@element61.be