ESG - sustainability reporting opportunity (CSRD)

Your role

In today's world of data & sustainability, new software solutions are popping up almost every month. With the EU playing a role as a frontrunner worldwide the EU Green Deal comes with opportunities and obligations.  We want to evaluate the European sustainability standards drafted by EFRAG and the different solutions in the market to respond to these challenges and list their pro's and con's.

Your profile


In this traineeship, the student will

  1. Analyse (some of) the ESRS draft standards issued by EFRAG ( 
  2. Evaluate specific software solutions to respond to these standards
  3. Try out one or more tools using a real-life example 
  4. Formulate some takeaways and debrief

The outcome of the traineeship should give us a good overview of the reporting demands within the upcoming standards and test how the tool(s) help out on a concrete use case.

As a trainee, we expect you to:

  • Translate your academic knowledge into business solutions and a first hands-on experience;
  • Translate a use case into a concrete application within the proposed software solution;
  • Show your documentation and reporting skills through presentations and demo’s;

What are we looking for:

  • Character: self-starter, able to work in a team, keen to create something new; 
  • Working Practice: analytical, structured and result-orientated;
  • Passionate about data, sustainability, reporting and software and eager to learn;
  • Enthusiasm to be part of a growing team & industry.

Language: working level English

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