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What’s a DMP? A DMP is a data management platform typically used in digital marketing & advertising to collect, build & distribute target audiences across various platforms. It typically acts as the heart of a Marketing organization as...
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Bart Van Der Vurst
This insight makes you understand how Qlik can help you gain more value from big data.
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Peter Van Craenenbroeck
This insight describes the maturity levels of a TM1 application, for handling data and metadata quality. Most of the integrated TM1 applications have a global technical setup.
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Barry Jansen
Most Marketers still highlight data an underused asset. Although marketing is already data-driven area, most organizations struggle leveraging any data smartness in their entire digital marketing. We outline the use-cases & how to get started
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Bart Van Der Vurst
Predictive Analytics is a must. To prevent technology & skills to be a blocker for using Predictive Analytics, we see that more and more predictive tools emerge. In this insights, we outline the three types of predictive tools: coding tools,...
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Bart Van Der Vurst
SAP BW/4HANA, the Next Generation real-time data warehouse was launched in September 2016. This article gives an overview of the solution, the key benefits and the migration paths to BW/4HANA, as opposed to the previous SAP BW releases. It will also...
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Adrien Constant
Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) will be the new face of IBM's legendary TM1 planning and analysis platform. The main functionalities are a rich interactive user interface, an easy synchronization and data discovery interface. PAW is not merely an...
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Pieter-Jan Beckers
Over the years Power BI evolved a lot and with this originated several ways of working with it. There are different license models, free and paying. Read more about Power BI.
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Davy Knuysen
Qlik can be considered as a "all-in-one" data warehousing solution and reporting tool that is flexible. In this insight, we will demonstrate that Qlik has a solid data model that can be used for both guided analytics as data discovery. In that sense...
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Cédric Lupo
The object of this insight is to answer the following question: "What makes switching to IBM Planning Analytics for excel worthwhile, and will it cover for the functionality already available through TM1 perspectives?". To answer that question we...
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Barry Jansen