Peter Cappelle

Peter Cappelle - element61
Business Analytics experience
8 years
Senior Business Analytics Architect

Peter Cappelle started his career in 2006 after graduating that same year in IT & Administration at high school KTA Ieper.

Peter knew that he was facing a challenge to enter the IT world without a Bachelor diploma, but the determination and inquisitiveness have brought him to the same level today.

Peter started his career in 2006 as an IT technician at GSI-Informatix. In the following years, he evolved from an IT technician to a network manager where eventually as an IT manager at Pralibel in 2013 he came in contact with a tool named "Qlikview". Peter was so fascinated that a tool such as Qlikview can read, transform and process large amounts of data into objects and tables readable for end-users.  In 2015, he switched to the BI world as a consultant at Pure Solutions. Pure Solutions is a company that has been merged with element61 since 2020.

From the start of his career in 2006 till today, Peter has been intensively expanding his knowledge through training and self-study. Peter has certificates such as network administrator, Qlik, webmaster (javascript, PHP, HTML CSS, SASS), Photoshop, Illustrator, business management, etc. and the ambition is to further expand this collection in the future.

Peter joined element61 in December 2019 as a Senior Business Analytics Architect.  Next Peter's core and deep knowledge in Qlik, he also started to get introduced to Microsoft.  This resulted in a first certificate in Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900).