Louis Dubaere

till now

Analytics Architect

Louis graduated as a Master in Computer Science at KU Leuven in 2018, after completing a Bachelor in Informatics at the same university.

During his Master Degree, he specialized in Artificial Intelligence and was able to gain proficient knowledge in fields like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Although he learned a lot during his time in Leuven, he felt that his broad knowledge about computer science was mostly academic-based, and he wanted to combine this technical knowledge with some more practical knowledge, mainly applied to businesses. Therefore Louis pursued an additional Master degree: i.e., a Master in Business Analytics and Big Data at IE Business School in Madrid. The international environment of the school, as well as the fact that the Master was ranked #3 for Business Analytics in Europe, powered this decision.

Louis did his Master on “Data-Driven detection of unusual football players” where he used football data and Machine Learning techniques to detect players with an unusual playing style, based on their position. 

Louis joined element61 in 2019 and has worked with various customers - in coaching and co-development - in onboarding and setting up Modern Data Platforms. Louis is a true technical expert and trainer. He's a certified Azure Data Engineer, Azure Administrator and certified Spark Developer. He's an expert in Azure and Databricks development and fluent with tools such as Delta Lake, Synapse Analytics and MLflow.