Jan Van der Sypt

till now

Senior Analytics Architect

Jan Van der Sypt graduated as a Master in Physics and Astronomy in 2016 at the University of Ghent where he learned to translate a (part of the) reality into a mathematical model. Creating order in the chaos of nature is essential to understand what is happening around us. Once the concepts or theory that describes the problem are understood, we can try to predict and forecast the next phase of the system. In a lot of situations there’s a need for computing power to calculate the next phase. In this area Jan learned programming in an efficient way in several languages (C, C++ and Python).

Combining this background and his passion for IT, Jan tries to create order out of the huge amount of data that companies store in order to create dashboards that allow the end-user to analyse the available data and make data-driven decisions. The balance between showing enough detailed information while keeping the general overview nearby is fundamental for this purpose.

Since Jan’s first encounter with computers he is fascinated by the possibilities and different aspects of IT. During the years he has explored different domains of IT such as web development, hardware assembly, network configuration and programming in Java, C and Python.

Since February 2017, Jan has been learning and implementing QlikView and Qlik Sense. In 2018 Jan joined element61.