Falk Van der Meirsch

Falk Van der Meirsch - element61
Business Analytics experience
9 months
Data Scientist

Falk graduated in 2012 as a Master in Civil Engineering from the Ghent University. During his studies, he spent one year abroad in Madrid at the Universidad Politécnica Madrid.

After working as Assistant Project Leader at a construction company for two years, he transitioned into IT and started working as a Project Manager at Code d’Or web agency. He got passionate about coding, started learning Python and creating his own websites. 

As a very curious person with a strong belief that data can help to reveal the truth about the world, he got into Data Science and decided to specialise in the field. He participated in Data Science Retreat, a 3 month intensive bootcamp in Berlin focusing on Machine Learning in the beginning of 2019. As a portfolio project he made a website (chirps.eu) where you can record bird sounds and identify the bird species through a neural network. 

Falk is an enthusiastic and open minded person who likes to discover new things and places. He loves to go travelling with just a backpack an no set plans.

In his free time he likes to play futsal or goes bouldering. He also enjoys cooking food from all over the world.

Falk joined element61 in the summer of 2019.


Free time

backpacking, futsal, bouldering, cooking