Diego Mechelynck

Diego Mechelynck - element61
Business Analytics experience
4 years
Data Scientist

Diego graduated as a Master in Applied Economics in 2015 at the University of Geneva with a specialization in Mathematical Finance.

He started his career in financial engineering consulting at Deloitte where he worked on projects in the banking and insurance industry. He also got the opportunity to use Data Science to model different financial products.

After two years, he felt that Data Science and BI could be applied to a broader set of use cases than finance. Therefore, he is now working since 2018 as Data Science and Data Engineering consultant across multiple sectors such as e-commerce, supply chain, insurance and fast food.

Diego always pays lot of attention on bringing projects to production. After all, only those projects will bring value to the business. Accordingly, he is now focusing on company-wide data solutions such as building data lakes and data warehouses. Moreover, he is a cloud enthusiast and is certified in Azure Data Engineering and Spark with Databricks.

Diego joins element61 in 2021.