Ahmed Draidi

till now

Senior Manager - IBM Cognos Controller

Since 1997, Ahmed Draidi is active in Consolidation & Financial Reporting automation and Performance Management.

He graduated as Master in Applied Economics, with option Audit / Chartered Accountancy (at the Cooremans Institute). His trainee-ship and thesis was dedicated to "modern consolidation solutions”. He also obtained a Master Degree in Tax (at CBC). Ahmed started his career at AS Belgium, the Belgian subsidiary of AS Groupe, a leader in Corporate Performance Management-software solutions back then.

Ahmed successfully implemented 11 projects in the first year and a half. He then joined Concept Agresso for 3 years. He worked as product manager for their consolidation solution and was responsible for a team covering 7 countries and over 250 customers. He also was responsible as product manager for a Fixed Assets solution called "ImmoWin”.

In 2002, he joined the Frango team in Belgium. Frango was a leading European software vendor for consolidation & management reporting with a solution called Frango Consolidator. Ahmed contributed to successful implementations in BeLux (Millicom, Maxitoys, Traxys, Duferco, ...) and in France (General Electric Bank, Laurent Perrier, Eurofins, Oxford,…). Frango was acquired by Cognos in 2005 and nowadays is known as IBM Cognos Controller.Today, IBM Cognos Controller is one of the 2 market leading solutions for consolidation in the Belgian market.

Ahmed has been involved in many of the Controller implementations at leading Belgian customers including KBC and Umicore. At IBM, he also was involved in the reflections on the product roadmap, together with the IBM’s R&D teams.In 2011,

Ahmed decided to join KPMG as Senior Manager. He continued to develop his IBM Cognos Controller skills, took part in an Oracle HFM implementation and built out a Cognos Controller team and assisted in business development. He also created a methodology to set-up an automatic consolidated Cash-flow in IBM Cognos Controller. Ahmed is recognised in the Belgian market place as one of the most senior experts in IBM Cognos Controller.

In 2015, Ahmed decided to join element61, to further build out the company's IBM Cognos Controller skillset.

In his spare time, Ahmed enjoys his family life, friends, likes traveling and playing chess.