Aditi Kumari

till now

Senior Analytics Architect

Aditi obtained a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 from Sastra University, a college in the Southern part of India.

Having a computational and engineering background, she started her first job at IBM Kolkata in 2013 as an Application programmer. During her first 2.5 years, she worked in various roles as automation test engineer, python programmer and learning the ropes of big data while being part of IBM.

In 2016, she joined TCS as a Big Data consultant and started her next venture at Proximus.

Her expertise includes setting up streaming pipelines for huge traffic (Telco data). She has extensively worked on Big Data projects. While she had gained expertise on how to manage the 4 V’s of Big data, she also participated in bidding for cloud projects and worked on building cloud transformations projects of real-time streaming applications together with a team of 12 team members.

In 2021, she joined Big Industries as a consultant and worked for BNP Paribas as a senior Data Engineer. Her role included setting up streaming pipeline for the BI domain. Throughout her tenure she has enjoyed exploring new tools and technologies and connecting with business people to help them solve business problems. She has experience working in different flavors of Agile, including SAFe and Spotify.

Aditi has demonstrated her skills by acquiring multiple certifications in AIX admin, Leading SAFe, Azure Architect Associate and Azure Data Engineer.

Aditi joined element61 in January 2022.