Business Analytics

Business Analytics have become a crucial ingredient in achieving corporate objectives and managing execution of any strategy. Insights gained from Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Data Science influence corporate strategy and allow management to take decisions and to even develop completely new business models based on data.
element61 has an end-to-end offering ranging from Business Analytics roadmap definition, over implementing the Analytics roadmap, building the Analytics organisation, defining or re-fining Analytics processes and delivering Analytics training and coaching or supporting you through a post-go live ServiceDesk.
Our Analytics experts can guide you in defining the processes, metrics, technologies and architectures that will help you track your performance and benefit from the promise of Data & Analytics.

Business Intelligence

Today and even more tomorrow, organizations should be using a new secret weapon called "information", obtained from intelligently transforming data into insights. Highly integrated company information empowers users with new insights about business drivers and how to better meet the strategic objectives of their organization. Data indeed has become a new company asset.
This information is brought to their fingertips through the means of Business Intelligence solutions, often based on a Data Warehouse architecture. Data transformation, through ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Loading), Data Integration, Data Quality processes and Master Data Management are all part of a sound Business Intelligence architecture.

Business Intelligence  Business IntelligenceBusiness IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence Business Intelligence


Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) was a term originally coined by Gartner in the early years 2000. Also Enterprise or Business Performance Management (EPM / BPM) are used as synonyms, depending on the vendors.
element61 has a particular focus in assisting organizations in optimising processes around Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Consolidation and Reporting and Disclosure Management.
We can assist in defining a Performance Management Roadmap, and executing it by automating Corporate\Enterprise Performance Management processes in the organisation, where relevant building on the data warehouse infrastructure that the company already has invested in.


Performance ManagementPerformance Management     Performance Management  Performance ManagementPerformance Management


Data Science & Strategy

We can help you end-to-end in your Big Data and AI trajectory. 
Our data engineers, data scientists and data strategist have functional in-depth experience the following areas:

  • Marketing & Advertising technology including Data Management Platforms (DMP) and Customer Data Platforms (CDP).
  • Supply Chain including IoT, demand forecasting and predictive maintenance
  • Logistics and transportation optimization
  • Sales incl. churn prevention and B2B/B2C lead-generation
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With our consultants having in average 10+ years of experience in Business Analytics, Performance Management and Data Science, our people typically have been implementing several of the leading Analytics technologies
This includes IBM Cognos, Microsoft (Azure, SQL Server, PowerBI), Qlik (QlikView, QlikSense), SAP (SAP BW, SAP Business Objects, SAP BFC, SAP BPC) and a set of niche-solutions like Databricks, CCH Tagetik, TimeXtender, Sigma Conso, Vena and Sturnis.

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