SAP BO Upgrading & Migration

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Upgrading to a new version of your BI software, is always a big step. It is much more then installing the new software package on server and (if any) client machines, albeit even within this aspect you have to make important choices (for example, do I use the upgrade package or the clean install package?).

If not planned right, the most time consuming part of an upgrade is validating existing content "still works. You would expect this is trivial, same software only new version Experience learns however, this is far from the case. Each upgrade is different. Why? For starters, the new release of the software contains significant changes. Also each content is often created according in a different way (eg. might or might not be in line with the "best practices). On top of this the architecture in which the current version was deployed has (slightly) changed (eg. your company has recently switched to 64 bit servers as a new standard) Much more can affect the success or failure (mostly in terms of unexpected costs) of a poorly handled upgrade. At element61, we start off with a lot of general experience in this area.

If we look at the dimension of product knowledge for SAP Business Objects BI, we can definitely fall back on concrete customer cases in which we've handled the upgrade successfully. We've done SAP Business Objects upgrades across the XI series (non-SAP environments). Business Explorer (BEx) upgrades from the 3.x release to the 7.0 release. We've also handled ánd the SAP BW upgrade ánd the BEx upgrade in conjunction with introducing SAP Business Objects XI 3.x. The combination of this product knowledge with good practices in BI upgrades, positions element61 well to help you with your upgrade.

Migrating from your current software to a different toolset or another vendor, requires a different kind of approach. Given the strong background of element61 in several technologies, we are an ideal candidate in advising you in a vendor switch. For changing toolset within SAP Business Objects BI, we have experience in switching from BEx Analyzer to Web Intelligence/Voyager analysis & reporting. We also can advise you in why or why not have both Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence for reporting purposes.

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